Mehanik Test Patterns - Video Resolution/Interference Issue


I've downloaded the Mehanik Test Patterns from - HDR10 test patterns set

And I was looking at the test patterns and after a few files this happened?? The files were played from a HDD on the USB input of a Panasonic 4K Blue-ray player and this is the menu. Lines disappeared when the test videos were played. Lines remained when I switched to a 4K satellite receiver. Disappeared when projector switched off and back on. I don't think it is the projector as the menu was OK in the bottom pic. So next steps will be to isolate each component to find out what is happening - Marantz, Vertex2 or players.
Further investigation. According to the Vertex2, the Mehanik test files seem to be played at 1080p. After each video, the resolution from the 4K BR and PVR changes back to 4K. And then this happens. Seems to be a Marantz NR1711 issue, wiring signal direct to PJ is OK.
Just wondered if anyone else had seen this??

20201123_Screen (1).jpg
20201123_Screen (3).jpg

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