Meedio + SlimServer Plugin.... Anyone Interested ?


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Hi All

For the past month or so, I've been coding a SlimServer plugin for Meedio - this allows you to control SqueezeBoxes / WinAmp / Foobar / Whatever player(s) you may have connected to your SlimServer software.

I wrote this because I wasn't satisfied with the audio quality of Meedio when playing music (and the SqueezeBox is a damn fine piece of audio equipment).

Is anyone interested in trying this out (to help me iron out any bugs / come up with suggestions / feature requests etc) ?

Sample screens :

Main Screen / Server Info

Now Playing

Browse albums


Meedio (obviously ;-))
SlimServer 6.2.1 - probably won't work on earlier / newer (beta) releases
A SqueezeBox / Winamp / Foobar / Any meedia player capable of playing an mp3 stream (think: shoutcast).

Installation / Setup is pretty simple - just install the plugin, add it as a module, fill in the config options and off you go :)

Of course, it'd be nice to hear of any feedback here.

It's going to be a free plugin for meedio, and hopefully (if I ever get time), the way I've designed it should make it easy to create a front-end for MCE2005 (if I ever get around to installing it / learning the API).

So, if anyone want's to try it out, reply here (or better yet, PM me) and I'll point you to the setup program to try it out.




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Hi Chris,

your plugin looks great and I'm definitely interested in trying it out. I don't actually have a Squeezebox at the moment but I've been thinking about getting a couple as Slim are knocking $100 off a pair before end of March.


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Now, if you could do this for MCE you'd be on to a winner!:smashin:



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deksawyer said:
Now, if you could do this for MCE you'd be on to a winner!:smashin:


It should be quite easy (in theory) as the 'guts' of this code are all in C# - it should really just be a case of plugging in / writing a new front end for MCE.

But of course, I don't use MCE :D

When I've got it stable enough (and I find time / a spare machine to sacrifice to MCE), I may just give it a go.



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