Medion / MMC Troubles

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    Hey all. Recently got a nice cheap Medion MD 81018 mp3/wma player off eBay. It says in the manual it can take SD/MM cards up to 1GB. I bought an 'Integral' 1GB MM Card (MMC). My computer recognises it in the internal multi card reader and i can copy files to/from it. My mp3 player also does recognise it when it is first inserted, but when i go to the 'Navigate' menu, it shows the internal stick icon, but the card icon is missing, it will only let me browse the built in 1gb memory in the player and will not navigate to the MM card. I have tried the card in FAT32 and FAT16 but still doesn't work. I have heard other people have had trouble with 1gb MM cards, and heard some stories about people getting their cards to finally work. Just wondered if any1 might know how to get it to work.

    Any help guys? Cheers.

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