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I have had a play with Freenas and fuppes and while it does do what I want its not really what I want lol. Plus fuppes isnt included with the latest freenas and doesnt seem to be updated anymore.

Anyway I am going around in circles here and need some serious advice, I really am on a strict budget so really only looking for opensource solutions.

Basically I have an old PC, I want to be able to turn it on in the morning, not remotely with the power switch and be able to turn it off when it doesnt need to be used anymore, it doesn't have a monitor/keyboard etc, its basically a system in the corner of the room.

I thought about ubuntu/mediatomb, but from what I understand when ubuntu starts you need to login, which kinda defeats all objectives as there is no monitor to the unit. Unless someone can tell me different of course.

So basically I am looking for something I can use as a headless system that will run mediatomb and I can turn it off from a web browser.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Do your media players not have samba support ?

No need for UPnP/DLNA if they do unless you have a specific need for it.

Maybe Serviio might run under freenas, it is open source but I'm not familiar with the linux version of serviio and what it's requirements might be.


I got a lot of answers I needed off the hexus forum, basically I am going to use ubuntu as a server with openssh and mediatomb, which should serve my needs.

My setup is, 3 x Win 7 PC's, one headless server and one xbox360. It was mainly my sons xbox360 I wanted the upnp for as I am having no end of trouble with fuppes. Mediatomb supports more file types than fuppes and is updated more regularly.

Thank you for your advice


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