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I was told by Creative to update my firmware, Mediasource etc etc as I got a replacement Zen. At first the Mediasource wouldnt work with the Zen so I uploaded my music with WMP. Last week though, I managed to get Mediasource working - though its now different to the orginal version I had i.e. when viewing the Zen you view files and not the "normal" view as you would see when viewing the PC Music Library.

Today, I downloaded some albums and decided to put them on the Zen.

Fine, they went onto the Zen the way they should (all ID'ed properly etc)

However, when I went to look at the files of the Zen on Mediasource on the PC, it now has the artists (as it did last week) but now the new albums dont appear under the artist, but in their own file.

For example OASIS: say I have 10 albums, all the albums would appear under the OASIS file. Now a new Oasis album I downloaded (live in Dublin) and ripped to the Zen appears on its own in the same listing as the ARTIST listing, if you get what I mean. So when looking at all the files (i.e. Artists) I now see Live in Dublin - but Live in Dublin should be UNDER Oasis file not randomly in the artist files.

Anyone know why this happens? :thumbsup: :lease:


Getting a little frustrated, RB05?

I'd dearly love to help out old boy, but I've absolutely no idea of what the answer is, I'm afraid!

Have you tried the dedicated forums over at Creative itself, or on the fanboy Nomadness site? They might have an answer for you ... which you could then post here to help others!


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Not sure if you're asking about the Music Library filing options. If you go into the Music Library in MediaSource, you can get the Properties of the library, and in there will be file storage options.

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