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I'm since a month owner of a xe900 TV. I use my older Avr 3801 as receiver for a 5.1 setup. I really like to upgrade to Dolby Atmos and 10bits colors since my laptop output is only hdmi 1.4 i need a solution.

I want a 'temporarily' solution for the next 2 years because I know hdmi 2.1 will come and I will upgrade my TV and receiver than by time. So im going to buy a second hand receiver that supports 5.1.4

My Content is for 90% Mkv.265 files stored on a WD USB 3.0 2Tb hdd.

Now i need a player with hdmi 2.0 output for the Dolby Atmos and 4k 4:4:4 10bits colors (only at 30hz because of hmdi 2.0 bandwith correct me if im wrong).

But i'm affraid when i plug in my USB 3.0 external hdd to the player i wont get real 4k 10bits 4:4:4 because the usb3.0 has not enough bandwith ? Or do the mediaplayers works with a kind of buffer ?

Or do I need a Mediaplayer with a internal hdd and paste the movie on the hdd and play it to get real 4k 10bit 4:4:4 ?
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First off. HDMI 2.1 offer very little , the short version,
  • Improved bandwidth from 18Gbps (HDMI 2.0) to 48Gbps (HDMI 2.1).
  • Can carry resolutions up to 10K, frame rates up to 120fps.
  • New cables required for higher resolutions and/or frame rates.
Cant think any of these are really needed right now. Further 4K at 4:4:4 for movies is not needed as film are only mastered in 4:2:0 so 4:4:4 is more for PCs and gamers.

Regards the USB 3.0. On paper the USB 3 is limited to around 5gbps but that more than enough to keep up with most hard disks. But it neater to have an internal disk. I read that there are no expect format that will need more 128mbps so all should be good.

You simply need to choose your streamer which supports the format your interested in. There are a few good 4K with Atmos playback units around.

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