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Sep 9, 2011
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My previous setup had KEF LS50s wall mounted either side of my TV, which didn’t look right and probably didn’t make the best use of them either. My living room isn’t the biggest and the TV unit took up quite a bit of space so I considered switching to an in wall setup but my wall isn’t deep enough.

I then thought about building a full stud wall and moving my AV equipment to the cupboard under the stairs but cost and complexity ruled that idea out. I came up with some smaller designs but they all seemed a bit too costly so I finally settled on building a frame for my front three speakers and wrapping it in fabric, with all of my AV equipment moved to the under stairs cupboard on the other side of the wall.

I purchased a Monitor Audio CP-WT380 & 2x CP-WT380IDC from the classifieds to replace my LS50s and R200c.

I built the frame in two parts. The first section was a basic rectangle with the LED profiles around the outside along with the fabric tracks. This bit was screwed to the wall initially.




The second part was the same shape but with two supports and 3 pieces of 12mm MDF screwed to the front, then an outer trim to keep the fabric slightly forward from the speakers. I routered out the speaker cutouts. First time using a router, didn’t realise there would be quite so much dust.


I then screwed it all together on my workbench to make sure it was square, then mounted the rear frame to the wall.

I extended the ring circuit back into the under stairs cupboard and ran all of my speaker, Ethernet and HDMI cables through the wall as well.

I then mounted the front frame to wall.


With speakers installed.


I put some sound absorbing foam between the speakers, mostly to fill the space between the MDF and where the fabric would be if it was leant on.

My wife then helped me wrap the box with fabric which was by far the most difficult bit of the whole project as the right side was very close to the wall so couldn’t really get any tools in there to press it into the tracks. It’s not 100% finished as we still need to tidy up the fabric on the right side and I need to finish sanding down the wall where the speakers were mounted but I’m very pleased with how it’s on and how good the MA speakers are.



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I think it goes without saying it now visually looks 10x better than the wall mounted LS50's - very nice work indeed mate! 😍
I think it goes without saying it now visually looks 10x better than the wall mounted LS50's - very nice work indeed mate! 😍

Cheers. Definitely a huge improvement visually, makes the room seem a lot bigger too.

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