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Jan 27, 2010
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Hi im looking to get a media streamer I ideally want it to be able to play my music library from my laptop to my tv and my speakers/home cinema (I havent bought this yet was looking at the samsung rts-he20 because its compact and I dont have a lot of room) I also want to be able to play videos in pretty standard formats and im pretty sure any media streamer will do for that.

I ask about the music because I have come across a lot of devices (not specifically media streamers) that can only play by album or artist and cannot just shuffle through a whole library or playlist.

Ive been looking at the WD HD live are there any others that might do this better and can this do what I want?

I assume I can connect the HDMI connection to my TV and the optical to the sound system and get the sound out of that rather than the TV

Thanks for any help you can give me

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