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    Not really sure if this is the right section for this but here goes anyway :)

    My Marantz DVD player has died on me and I was going to the the Oppo as a replacement. However, I've been reading up on these media streaming boxes (Kiss 600, Buffalo etc) and they seem quite interesting, but, are they any good to someone that doesn't already have a large collection of media files sat on a hard drive? I don't download films or music (at least at the moment) but I do have a library full of DVDs and CDs and it would be nice to be able to just bung them onto a hard drive so I have a virtual DVD/CD changer.
    So, a few questions.....
    How would I get the DVD onto the hard drive? Rip it as an ISO image? Can the media player boxes use these so it would play exactly as if a DVD was in a player? Is there a better way?
    I know I can rip CDs into MP3 so no problems there.
    Do any of these streamers have a DVD drive as well (for when I hire a film), HDMI/DVI output, upscaling etc?
    Just really after some general opinions, thoughts, experiences etc

    So many questions :eek: - look forward to your replies :thumbsup:

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