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Hello moving into a new home and since I wanted a 12' shuffleboard to entertain guests instead of a pool table that only some can use I feel the best place to put it is in the media room. This is the only way the room can be setup due to the size of the shuffleboard. I originally wanted the Rythmik FV18 in the media room and add some dual PB-3000's sometime down the road to place in the living room but wife is not wanting any subs in the living room due to aesthetics. I'm thinking the Rythmik will fill out the media room but of course duals would be preferable to even it out. Should I sell the Rythmik and pick up dual PB-3000's or keep the single FV18 or go dual FV18 down the line for that size of room? I previously had it in a small open concept living room (12 ft ceilings) that connected to a kitchen, to stairs, as well as a hallway that would lead to the master bedroom and it would hit nicely at most but not all seating positions. If going duals since I can't place the subs along the side of the walls since the doors are in the way generally where would the next best spot be?

The front and rear speakers would be angled in towards the viewers. Looking at it again I would move the front speakers closer to TV and move the sub to where the right speaker is. Or move the sub to the left side and put the 2nd sub at the location of the right wall facing towards the couch. Movies 80% to Music 20% ratio.

Thanks for any input


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