Media Server for Closed Group Multiple Clients (Media on Demand Server)

Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by rohseq, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Im new here so maybe this question has been answered before, however at the risk of being repetitive I post my question.

    Here is what I want to design or build.

    A media server system similar to an in-flight entertainment system possibly using thin client technology, preferably with a Linux or Android platform. Even Windows will do, though the cost of licensed software will drive up costs. In other words this should be a Media on Demand system.

    The setup would be as follows

    Media Server --> Distribution system --> Client end Peripheral Unit (preferably a touch screen).

    Can anyone with experience help me or point me in the right direction? This application is intended for use in a passenger vehicle or coach with more than 35 passengers with a touch display at the seat back.

    I have already identified and validated the passenger end terminals. They are a capacitive touch screen of 7" and 10.1".

    I need a media server designed to do the following....

    1. Store Movies, Music, Audio and Pictures in directories and possibly classified according to genre and language. This database should be loaded in a 120 or 250 GB SSD or any other solid state media.

    2. User should be able to select according to requirement by using the touch interface what ever he/she wants to see.

    3. There should be a provision of advertisement insertion at variable intervals by Admin control.

    4. GPS tracking functionality

    5. Line feed of the forward and rear mounted cameras.

    6. Game functionality with joystick controllers.

    7. Global announcement feature which cannot be switched off, eg Safety announcements, corporate video advertisement etc etc

    I know this sound like a far off shot, but anyone with any info on how to start designing this type of setup, please do post your valuable comments.

    I request that posters not stray from the core topic.


    Rohan Sequeira
    CPT Transport Systems
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    Herts, England
    As you're running a company, will you be paying me consultancy fees?

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