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just upgraded from 360 to one.
really disappointed with media player and hope i am just missing something.
I have all my music and photos saved on a USB hard drive.
With the 360 i could run the music player app, start an album or add songs to make up a playlist, then i could press back and go to picture viewer and start a random slide show of my photos.
Was an excellent way to bore the family but hey i liked it.
I cant seem to get the same set up on the One.
The media player seems very clunky and will only play an album or all songs, it will also not allow me to go back and select photos as well.

Surely this new machine cant be inferior in this matter to the 360.

Am i missing something, is there a better app that will run like the old music player and picture viewer on the 360.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

King Tones

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You can snap the music app and play it like that and view photos in the main screen I think but you can't play music in the background like you could on the 360.

You also have option to view photos from One Drive or listen to music from One Drive.

I guess as music does not play in the background then it won't do what you want.


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Thank you for your reply.
Thats a shame as I am not a heavy gamer and used the 360 more as a media player.
I also enjoyed having music playing with the 360s visualisations swirling away.
Seems strange that with the One meant to be a whole media system rather than just for games that this seems a backwards step from the 360.
Are there any other apps that play music and have visualisations on screen.
I would have though they would have windows media player on the One as a stand alone app rather than only having it stream from pc.

Thanks again

King Tones

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Have a look at the Apps available in the Store. Also Background Music is coming soon.
It may seem a backward step but with Apps like Plex and the Media Player which will play most formats it is a pretty good media device.

More Apps will come also with Windows 10 now being on the Xbox One.


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Also universal apps might add media players with features like that. No idea whats in the pipeline tho but I would think thata just the sort of app that would benefit from targeting the tv / xbox.

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