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Today I picked up a 43" Nano TV, my first new TV for 22 years, and my first SMART TV. Loving it, but I would like to try to get to the bottom of an issue that is bugging me.

For the last few years, I was using an old Sony LCD TV, and about 2 years ago I bought a Humax Freesat box, to replace the combination of an old Hard-drive PVR/DVD-R + Chromecast for modern Connectivity. I watch some live, and the inevitable Catch-up and Streaming services, but I also binge stuff I have stored on Hard-disk, and latest series releases before they air on UK TV, sometimes Netflix.

The issue is that while they have their File Names showing on the PC, when they are streamed from my Phone, the file name doesn't show. I had this with the combination of the the Humax "Media Share" feature, and a DLNA Server app on the Phone, and now using the TV's Media Player App, and the ThinQ App on the Phone (Which I believe is based around DLNA)

Initially I thought it was merely because of the Software being unable to handle Long filenames, then I wondered if I should copy the File name to the Title Metadata in Windows, and then also experimented with deleting all metadata in the files I put on the phone, but I am still yet to find a satisfactory result.

Does anyone know how to get the Filename to show ?


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Using phone as DLNA server might not be the best idea.

DLNA is a database its not the raw file/folder/directory your looking at so a DLNA server must scan files to build the database which clients then read.

This may require altering the metadata of videos if your copying them into the phones storage, try mkvtoolnix.
  • drag and drop a video into it
  • go to the output tab and look under general->file title
  • try putting in the name of the video you want here
  • click start multiplexing and it will spit out a copy of the video with new metadata

See if that works with whatever DLNA software is running on your phone assuming it can read mkv files.

If the files in question are stored on PC I would recommend installing Serviio on your computer and use that as your DLNA server (quick start).

Once Serviio is up and running and you've added your folder it will scan the files, if they have no internal metadata Serviio will still list them under the folder category.

If you want only the folder category go to the presentation tab in Serviio and configure it like so in the picture that will hide all the other metadata sections.

Now access Serviio from your TV or any other DLNA client.


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