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Oct 6, 2000
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ok, my hFX media pc is a month old and the issues continue...

I'm now experiencing MCE running like a dog and i've pinned it down to media player shooting up to 100% CPU when playing mp3's and/or divx/xvid. Means it becomes unusable and have to shutdown mce and restart. Trouble is it kicks off minutes after playing mp3s again. In task manager i see mem usage shoot up to 350meg.

I've not installed any new programmes / codecs since my install.

Only thing i've been adding is lots of albums / divx's to my folders.

I've reinstalled wmp10 and divx codecs and its still the same.

This is basically making mce unsuable!!

mobo Abit AN8, cosair 512meg, 6600GT, A64 3000+, x2black/gold, wireless

anyone got any ideas?

I had this problem... check the folders that's it's monitoring for the library (click on the library button, then 'add to library' - bottom left - 'by monitoring folders').
Rename them - change the extension from .avi (or whatever) to something that doesn't identify them as video file.

This is something I've seen on a number of machines where the user had downloaded a movie from Limewire/bittorent. Deleting/renaming the movie (in these cases Batman begins, and Hostage) fixed the problem. I was more apparent because these files were held on a central server and all MCE PC's on the network that used the server suffered from the problem at the same time.

Now the thing is if you view the file in explorer the same 'hang' occurs (I guess because it wants to put a thumbnail or something up), and the best way to rename / delete was by doing form a dos box command prompt.

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