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Seriously thinking of building a Media PC to act as a server in the house for cds, dvd recording, etc etc. Been thinking of this for a while, and now Sony have brought out a media receiver which will decode mp3's etc which will plug into the TV and Amp setup I have and have the same remote as my other Sony stuff, this has spurred me onto looking into this seriously.

I'm after a small PC that will fit in a cupbaord, along with a large HDD (200 gb) and a high quality DVD recorder/rewriter. I'm not sure if I would need a top end video and sound card for this type of application. I would also fit a digital TV card , network card etc .I've already got a spare TFT screen and wireless keyboard/mouse. The machine would not be used
for anything else so I dont't think I would need a high end processor??

I would also have the server connected to broadband permanently, although would use a laptop to surf connected through the wireless network I already have.

Any ideas where I can find such a PC or what components would be best for this type of application, ie good processor/ motherboard/ dvd recorder/ hdd/ small case etc.

The Sony stuff says it intergrates with the Vaio PCs but I would have thought the Network Media Receiver comes with software to intergrate with other PCs so that the remote will operate the PVR etc functions on the PC.

I will probably use a wired link to my router rather than wireless for the time being, but can always add a bridge/acces point (never sure which you use) to the Media Receiver at a later stage. (Im 54 mbps so should be up to the job)


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Hi - what i sthe sony device, and what does it offer?

Did you look at a Kiss?

I use a couple of Kiss's right now for the same thing...

I stream most of my DVD's and all mu MP3 plus digi photos....

As for server... not really an issue... anything will do - even an olf PII.

Just make sure your LAN is up to it if you have more than one node streaming. Most HUBS are just that - HUBS not real switches.

I upgraded to proper 3com switches and it made a huge difference when using 3 streams concurrently.

I also find teh mobo ethernets are often crappy - even an old 3c905 does much better!


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