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Can someone please give me some advice on getting my music library, photos and videos working on my xbox 360 running as an extender from Vista media center. All of my media is stored on a NAS drive and no matter what I try I cannot get it to appear on my extender.

Even if I add the paths to the NAS explicitly on the xbox 360, they do not appear in the MCE interfcace on the xbox 360.

I have also tried the approach suggested by MacBurp in copying the media database to the MCX users on the PC, but although this got the music library onto the xbox, I could not play any files.

Is this something to do with network authentication? I've never had to put my NAS password onto my Xbox 360 - should I be doing this somewhere? Does the xbox communicate directly with the NAS, or does everything get streamed from the PC? Do I need to give the MCX user on the PC access to the NAS box?



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Well, I have the same set-up:

MCE 2005 PC
Modded Xbox with XBMC / Media Center for Xbox
Infrant ReadyNAS with 4 x 400GB, running X-Raid
Linksys WAG54G router, all connections wired

and everything works.

I have no passwords on my network shares. However, I do have a spare account that has a password, that I use just to configure certain services across the network (namely, samba shares for the Xbox, and Transcode 360).

As you can see the music files but cannot play them, this does sound like a permissions issue.

I did not have to configure anything from the 360. So long as the PC could see the network share, and the database was copied over to the MCX account - the 360 worked.

Do you have a watched folder on your NAS for Recorded TV? Can the 360 see this? Do you have Transcode360 running? Have you disabled all firewalls?

Sorry I can't be more help, hopefully a networking guru will be able to sort this for you.



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I've just been experimenting with putting some media on the media center PC and it works fine, so it is definitely something wrong with my setup for NAS drives. My NAS shares have user/passwords on them, so maybe that is the issue. To be honest, with disk so cheap these days, I'm thinking of shifting all my media back onto the PC anyway (seeing as it will always be on to serve the extenders) and using the NAS for backup only. Think this will give better performance too, and avoid any network bandwidth issues when I have multiple extenders running together.

Still, if anyone knows why it doesn't work and how to fix it, please let me know...

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