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Hi, first of all apologies for a longish post, I'm after some advice and help in designing my home media distribution system.

I’m having my property renovated and am looking into a distributed media from a central location (AV Rack) to 4 rooms. I have 3 Cat 6 run to each room with 2 main rooms having an additional Fibre HDMI.

Below is a list of some of the bits that I have or will be purchasing:

Bluestream Custom 4K Matrix which has:

8 HDMI in and 8 HDBaseT (HDMI over Cat6) out

8 IR Rx and 8 IR Tx

8 Audio Out using CoAx and Stereo plugs (not sure what this is used for)

4 HDBaseT Receivers for HDMI and IR

Yamaha RX-A1080 AV Receiver 7.2 Channels

8 HDMI in and 3 HDMI out

Harmony Remote with hub x 2

4K Projector in Cinema Room (to be used as main media)

TV 1 4k (to be used as main media)

TV 2 4k

TV 3 4k

IR Receiver using Xantech kit

For the Source I have: PC, Xbox, 4K Firestick, Sky box, Nvidia Shield and a QNAP NAS.

The attached diagram kind of explains how I think the connections should be (I’ll probably be wrong).

What would be the best solution to be able to watch any of the sources on the Projector or TV 1 via the Yamaha AVR (for sound) ? Both location to have 5.2.2 setup. I understand it will be one room or the other here.

TV 2 and TV 3 can watch any of the source but not necessary via the Yamaha AVR.

Not sure how the IR remote would work for each location? is it best to use the Harmony remote.
Home Media Diagram.jpg

Appreciate any suggestions and ideas.


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Ok. Big breath.

Firstly cable struture looks good to each room, but it you have chance add at least one coax cable in there for normal TV and / or Sky.

Is the projector and 1st TV in the same room, or are they two different rooms? Just questioning the need for an 8 x 8 matrix when it seems you only have 4 or even 3 rooms.

Depending on the actualy matix you have, some of the HDBT output should also HDMI out, which would be what you use to feed to the local (assuming) Rack Based Yamaha Processor. Or direct feed to the sceen / projector using the HDBT Reveivers and then use the CoAx to feed the Yamaha.
The first will keep everything in sync, but you may have IR issues with Harmony Range if not using the Xantec link.
The second will allow you to use the HDBT IR Links, but may have lip/vision sync issues as you are using two different processes and links.

Using Harmony Remotes is all fine, we love them on mid range projects, usually keep the hub in the same room as the Remote and have it fire IR commands down the HDBT / Xantec IR Links.

One concern is the use of a remote PC, Xbox and Nvidia - Keyboards, Mice and Games Controllers are a nightmare to feed back to remote PC/Games devices as the delays introduced, certainly for gaming, are to big. You end up responding to something on the screen and you action isnt received / displayed for a split second.

Best to try to keep them as local to the screen as possible. We usually design in a local input HDMI to allow the option to connect a games machine in and then try to figure out getting the audio back to the amp.

Hope that all helps.


Thanks for your reply AmericanAudio, appreciate it, some good point there.

The rooms do also have 2x CoAx cable along with 3x Cat6, so that’s all sorted 😊

Currently the setup is for 4 rooms, with the projector being in the basement Cinema room and Lounge 1 being the main TV room, there are also a further 5 rooms with the same set of cables run to them (total 7 rooms) but for now I’m concentrating on 4 rooms, hence the 8x8 matrix.

Unfortunately, the matrix (modular Bluestream Custom Pro 8x8) that I have has HDBT out but no HDMI, although I could possibly swap for a card with HDMI/HDBT, which makes sense.

Could you please clarify what you mean by ‘use the CoAx to feed the Yamaha?’

I intend to use the Xantach IR kit for the Rx/TX IR signals, so hopefully this will be good.

My current PC/Xbox setup uses a USB hub over Cat 6 by the TV. The PC and Xbox are on another floor. So, I have the USB hub which is used for the Xbox controllers, keyboard and trackball (wireless of course) and this seems to work fine.

I take your point of keeping some devices as local to the screen as possible. I did consider this but I’m hoping I can somehow have the Xbox and PC in the rack too so I have basically just the screen, remote and controllers where needed.


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If the current controllers work over cat6 already then thats good. We have just never found it reliable.

From memory the Bluestream can strip out the surround sound component and feed it via the digital coax connector, this should be the full 5.1 component, so whatever is being fed over the HDBT connection the matching audio should be available out on the digital coax connection. Feed that to the yamaha for the cinema room and let the matrix choose the source. And just leave the yamaha to do the sound processing.

If the tv and projector are not in the same of the room then i dont understand the need for them both to pass through the same processor.

Does that help?


Thank you. That does help in clarifying the coax connection, will definitely look into it. :thumbsup:

I still have some time before the place is renovated, so will carry on with researching into this setup and the possibilities.

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