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I have recently purchased a Pioneer VSX-823 AV Receiver, along with Klipsh 800 speakers, center channel, and sub-woofer (Rear speakers coming soon). I also have a 62" LG TV (Plasma) and an Alienware X51 computer to use as my Media Server.

So the idea is to have all of my Movies, TV, Music on an external 3TB drive connected to the Alienware via USB cable. My X51 will then connect to my Pioneer receiver via HDMI (Currently using Sat/CBL HDMI Connection) and the LG TV will also be connected directly to the receiver through HDMI (Direct).

So, everything works except I can't seem to get the audio through the receiver. The video is displayed on the TV through the receiver fine, and I can hear music through the computer itself but NOT through the receiver speakers. Also, if I turn the receiver off, the sound then will come through the LG TV.

Now I have checked all of the settings on my X51 for sound (I'm a Network Engineer), and am confident that they are correct. It seems to be something with the Pioneer Receiver.

I'm completely out of ideas at this point, so thought I would see if there are any genius' out there that could assist me.

Usb Driver -> X51 -> Pioneer VSX-823 -> LG TV & Audio through Speakers.


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I assume you are using something Windowsy. Rt click on the little loudspeaker down on the status window (btm rt hd crnr) select playback devices. Select the hdmi device you are using for video.


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On my Yamaha amp, there is an option to pass thru the audio either to the speakers (via coax) or directly to the TV (via HDMI).

Sounds like you might need to have a look around your settings for a similar option...


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Obviously double check all your reciever / speaker settings, but if you can hear audio through your computer, then there is a fair chance that you are pumping it through teh sound card / onboard sound chipset and not through the HDMI. Do as Spyder suggested...if you don't see hdmi audio as an option then double check if you need to download hdmi audio drivers or if the hdmi audio is enabled in biod.

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