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Every time I want to open Media Centre on the 360, I have to disable Norton Internet Security on my PC first. I've got the IP address of the 360 set as an 'safe' location, but it doesn't make any difference. Once it's connected, I can turn Norton back on and media centre is fine.

Anyone know how I can avoid having to run up the stairs and turn Norton off every time I want to access my, music, videos and photos?


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Oh dear hope this thread gets answered.

Just rebuilt my PC with MCE 2005 and is streaming lovely to the XboX but I am yet to reinstall the beast of Norton.

I will make sure I backup the lot before I do and then let you know how I get on.

Good luck with this.


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I tried eveything I could think of to get nortons to work with my 360 but in the end I just gave up and uninstalled nortons it just wasn't worth the hassle


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Ive got 2006 so hopefully I will be OK.

This page could help.

UPDATE - well it worked great with norton using the instructions above, but then it broke :(. It's not a firewall problem now though.

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