Media Centre Extender random disconnects


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Occasionally when i am watching a video etc via the 360 with media centre I get a message saying "another user has disconnected you from the media pc, please reconnect" or words to that effect, this happens occasionally.

Any ideas?

one tip i did find off google was to amend one of my lan settings but didn't make any difference.


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Possible answer and only a thought? If you are using wireless with security switched off it could be other PC's in your local area searching for their network connection. Had to rename our router because our sons laptop found 4 Linksys routers to log into all with their sercurity switched. Most PC's remeber their last DCHP address and use this again when trying to connect, it is only when the router finally says no your address clashes that it auto re-addresses.


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Sorry should have also mentioned I'm connected via ethernet to a switch and never had any issues with live, just the extender :confused:


I had this problem too, on either wired or wireless.

I can't help much as I gave up in the end as there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it.
Double check your PC insn't doing some power saving shennigians, even if your not shutting the NIC / hard disk down the momentary phwaffness (TM Captain Blackadder) has caused me problems in the past.

Also disable the indexing service and see if the issue goes away (it's very CPU intensive)

Long shots I know but worth a go!


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Well disabled the indexing service last night and this morning could not access media centre extender at all, kept getting session terminated error.

So re-enabled index service, restarted and still same problem. Checked the cables, the switch, restarted everything still no joy.

Briefly considered just re-installing XP MCE then i thought about just deleting the Computer from the 360 and re add it, running thru the MCE setup again.

Viola!:clap: :clap:

So far so good, bit of a pain to have to do but less of a pain than a full re-install
Nice one! :thumbsup:

Massive irony - I post some ideas for a Meda Centre problem and the "law of sod" meant transcode didn't work when I wanted to use it in anger last night :mad:

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