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Media Centre disconnects due to certain file types


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Basically when I have certain file types in My Videos folder it causes the Xbox 360 MC to disconnect. It just tries to refresh it's contents, showing preview stills etc. but just can't do it and disconnects. It gives the message that another user or something has disconnected at the Media Centre PC end.
It happens with .TP, .TS, .mov and H.264 (Quicktime HD).
At the PC end it all works fine.

Installed on the PC is:
DivX 6.1.1
Quicktime Alternative
Nvidia Purevideo Decoder 1.02.177
HDTVPump 1.0.7

Any suggestions?

As a quick aside: Why does it take so long for the Xbox Media Centre to refresh albumart etc. in the My Music folder. Is there anyway of forcing it to do so?!


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Lo m8 ive been having problems all week with .ts files not playing on my 360 see my thread here it ended up that all my codecs on the pc was causing the problem so i deleted them all and installed nero and it all works like a treat now.


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Thanks for the tips.
I have only recently uninstalled/reinstalled my codecs to get transcode360 streaming plugin to work; so I don't know if this will help or not, might re-try sometime. On the subject of Nero I might try a reinstall but can't see that it would help as it doesn't do any playback decoding.

I have had this problem from day one and could only fix it by removing the Quictime HD files from the My Videos folder to one not accessed by Media Centre. I have only recently noticed it happening due to .TP and .TS files as I didn't have any before.

The frustrating thing is that they all show up properly and play in Media Centre on the PC.

Anyone else have any advice?


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Thanks chedmaster, looks good, will give it a go sometime.
Most of my albumart is fine, found through WMP, and is displayed fine on the PC's MC. They are also displayed on the Xbox 360 MC but it's when some of them have been changed it takes a long long time to recognise the changes and sometimes doesn't recognise the changes at all.

Any ideas on the disconnection due to certain files?

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