Media centre clients!


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Right...got myself a dilemma...

I currently have a media centre as a server that I'm using to watch tv, record stuff...etc.

I'm wanting to put two client pc's in my loft with drop cables in each of my bedrooms to wall mounted tv's!

What I don't know what to do is either buy 2 complete built computers and simply mod them slightly (ie add television cards etc) or build them myself.

Basically it needs to do the following...

Run windows7 media centre
Stream live tv both sat and freeview
Playback hd content
Support audio over hdmi
Have moderately sized hard drive
Be obviously configured for a home network

I've seen some built computers for around £230 that look ok, but am unsure. I need a little guidance!

The main thing is that they are reliable with a moderate price tag. I've spent a fortune on my server!


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Neil, quick question for you, are you looking for freesat, or Sky channels?


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Currently I'm receiving all fta channels off astra 28.2 (sky) and freeview. I combine both into my guide listings?
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