Media Centre aka PC



I would appreciate any feedback on this setup I am thinking of buying.

I shall be using it for:-

1. Watching DVD's
2. TIVO style recording
3. Playing Music (Cd's/MP3)
4. Viewing digital pictures
5. Connection to broadband to download films/mp3


Shuttle SN45G £128
AMD ATHLON XP1800 266Mhz 256Cache £40
Radeon 7000 64MB AGPx4 TV-Out Retail Box £22.50
Ebuyer 256MB DDR266 PC2100 £25
Seagate Barracuda 160GB £85
LiteOn 4x DVD-RW £62
Nebula Digi TV Card £120


Will this work or is it lacking in any department? Is it overly specificied in another? Are there any cheaper alternatives?

I do not want a super computer, I just want a "media centre PC" which can record digital TV "TIVO style".

I was also considering getting a cheap (under £100) LCD/TFT screen to use for a high-res option to view MP3 player/myHTPC in my living room. If I wanted to watch the playback of recorded programs then it would be linked to a crap 4:3 tv but will upgrade this in the future.(when plama's displays go down and I get more money). At the moment I'm more interested in the actual media.

Also I have a laptop which I would want to connect to my broadband using wireless connection. Could this be used to "arrange and sort" the downloading from broadband directly to the media centre and therefore bypass the need for a decent monitor connected to the media centre and also the need for wireless mouse/keyboard. I think I can rephrase this as, can my laptop be used to control my media centre as if it was it?

When playing my media I would hope to use a remote control to navigate the basic front screen ie.myHTPC, but wonder how to use the remote to control my TIVO-esque recording? I wold appreciate some feedback on this too.


I have just found this helpful info-How to make a PVR PC

It has answered a lot of my questions:)


After a bit more research I have deduced if I want to have TIVO style recorder then I may as well buy TIVO!

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