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Hi to everyone I am new to this forum so please be gentle;I am trying to do some research on this subject but am not having much luck or maybe Im looking in the wrong place but here goes.In laymans terms to a village idiot can anyone explain to me how to build a wireless media centre or wireless router for watching upto 4 AV sources simultaneously anywhere in the house.I have a basic understanding of computers and thought this may be possible using a pc as maybe a server?
I have an old 1.4 ghz 640 mb ram pc with 2 HDs one 160gb and the other 40gb doing nothing;could I utilise this or is there a piece of kit available apart from a video sender that can be bought.At the mo I am hard wired all over the house by means of rf cable and a dizzy amp and IR extender but am obviously only getting mono sound and a crap picture.I have a wireless network using a belkin F5D7632uk4A ;could i use this?:lease:


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Thanks Tups I just read that and it pretty much answers all my questions.What I have at the moment is cable tv running into a dvd/vcr combo and the RF out feeding a dizzy amp so I have a choice of Terrestrial,cable dvd or vcr and to a certain extent a possibility of watching 3 different sources in 3 different rooms but as I said mono sound and crap picture.I wanted to perform this task in 4 rooms with terrestrial being deleted some time soon but with high quality pictures and stereo sound.As I said I dont want to use a video sender unless there is one with guaranteed success and I dont want to hard wire again as we have new carpets down.I think an x-box in each room will be unjustifiable also;maybe 1 or 2.Any solutions as I am a bit grey in this area


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Video over a wireless network is difficult - Microsoft advise that you should have no more than one extender connected via wireless, wheras you can have 5 extenders wired.

If you want to do this right, you really need to lay some cat5.

If you want all 4 rooms to be able to watch their own shows at any time, MCE wil not work without a hack - its limited to two tuners. Also, with MCE the only way to extend from your aserver is with an Xbox 360, which is not cheap.

Have a look at Sage TV. This is the only other PC PVR solution with an extender product, the extenders are a bit cheaper and you are not tuner-limited. Its harder work to set up though, so I hear.

Your PC looks a bit underpowered to run as an HTPC server to 4 other rooms.


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