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May 25, 2006
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My media center often records programs into maybe two or three pieces.

Last night for example i recorded Exile from BBC HD, and i had one bit that was one minute, a second bit that was 26 minutes, and a third and final piece with the rest of it.

The Gadget show often gets split into numerous parts too.

But i also recorded a two hour show from ITV and that worked fine.

It seems to be totally random!

The only programs i have installed on this pc are Media Browser, and Arcsoft total Media....nothing else.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

I've never bothered too much before, but i'm moving soon and this will be my only source of tv and recordings?

Have you ever tried watching a programme at the same time it's recording it? Looks to me like it might be restarting windows intermittantly. Do you have "don't go to sleep if recording " enabled? Check settings using Media Center Standby Tool. (sorry don't have recent link but search for it on this forum).
Have a look in the 'History' section under recorded TV; you might be getting tuner failures, 'no signal' etc.
To be honest, i use a harmony 885 remote, and have never had any success at putting pc to sleep with it, so not sure Media Standby Tool will be of much use to me, but, i'll take a look just in case.

@ Stiggy, i can't find this option in Windows Media center recorded tv tab, can you give a clearer idea of where to navigate to Please?
Right, back to this problem!

I have noticed this behaviour happens much more on tv channels with adverts, and it generally occurs at the end of the show, when the adverts start. Though last night both shows were on BBC1 & BBC2

It happened last night during a recording of Match of the Day (pc was left on)
There are three entires for this one show.

First part recorded was the entire show with nothing missing

Then there are a further two entries, each of one minute, and History shows these as Partial recordings. Stopped early due to a Schedule change.

I also record the film Zodiac which was split into three parts, the first part started 25 mins late, and History shows:
Recording of Zodiac started late due to a tempory failure caused by either a system malfunction or a power loss.
The second was not recorded due to a conflict with Match of the day.
The third was 23 mins long which included the last 20mins of the film itself.

I have two feeds from my satellitedish,
One goes into a Videomate DVB-S DVBS Tuner
One goes into a Hauppage Wintv DVB-S/S2 Tuner/Demod (HVR4000)

So, i don't understand why there would be a conflict, the system regularly records two shows with no problem

The fault occurs regardless of which card is in use.
It's far worse the longer the show goesis on for.
It's almost as if the two cards are trying to switch what they are recording halfway through each show, thus conflicting with each other
Could it be a power supply problem?

The DVB-S cards have to power the LNB on the dish. If you have an overlapping recording, both tuners will draw power, and it might overload the PSU. I confess I've not actually come across this.

Does it only happen when both tuners are in use?

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