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Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by LDJ, Feb 6, 2009.

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    I'm considering giving MediaPortal another spin now its moved on quite a way since I last looked at it. I have a few questions though that I'm wondering:

    1. I see lots of move plug ins with lovely front ends etc., but nothing for music. What is the best music interface for MediaPortal?
    2. Is there anything like lifeextender or dvtmstoolbox to take commercials out of recordings? I know this is built in to SageTV, and know comskip is avaialble as an add-in, but will it run automatically like it does with WMC?
    3. At the moment I have a NovaT 500 dual dvb-t card. Will this work? And if I add a dvb-s card shortly will it handle both accordingly?
    4. What format does it record TV in? Can it read .wtv files?
    5. Are there any VoD services for the likes of IPlayer, 4OD etc etc? How about things like Youtube, Hulu and other online video services?
    6. What are the best plug ins and addons I should be looking at encorporating?

    Thanks for any help...
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