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Simple question really. I have trawled the net and cannot find a definitive answer on this.

Does anyone have Media Browser running on their 360 connected through 200MBPS Powerline / HomePlugs? I tried connecting the whole lot up wirelessly at the weekend, my 360 hardwired to my router and my PC connected to my router wirelessly (with good signal) and it was useless. Horribly laggy etc.

If I hardwire the Xbox to my PC then it works great but they're at opposite ends of my flat and I'm wanting to get rid of the wire and was wondering if the lag will be as bad if I go down the HomePlug route..?




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i have 1 of my xboxs on homeplugs which i watch skyplayer on, the full connection is as follows.

sky adsl > gigabit switch > apple timecapsule > homeplug in extension lead > homeplug in extension lead > xbox 360

no jumping or glitching, my internet is around 5mb
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