Media Blasters Zombi 2 Special Edition

Rambo John J

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apparently this is for real this time. I know a chap that's provided the music for a documentary on the SE, he had this to say on another forum.... (quote)

In case folk are still wondering what's happening with Zombie 2, here's the deal:

John Sirabella and Bill Lustig worked out this deal: this summer both Shriek Show and Blue Underground will be releasing Zombie 2 on DVD. They will both be using the same master for their transfer, which was taken directly from the original 35mm camera negative - and looks stunning, by all accounts. However, Shriek Show will be releasing a 2-disc SE whilst Blue Underground will be releasing a 1 disc DVD. Then, two years from now, Shriek Show will hand over all their supplemental materials to Blue Underground who will then release a SE themselves.

This is from the horse's mouth and was posted up on Mobius by John himself. So it's kosher.

the rights for Zombie have always been something of a minefield, shame Blue Underground couldn't do the SE first though, I reckon the Media Blasters one will be good, but I'm expecting the BU one to top it when it arrives in 2 years. Can I wait til then to find out? Erm... no.:rolleyes::suicide:

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