Media advice - good value DL (dual layer) +R DVD discs? :)


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Hi all,

Have got a mammoth project coming up, which is going to involve taking loads of old home recordings and things (nothing pirate) from VHS cassettes, capturing on a PC, re-encoding, and burning onto DVDs.

I'm wanting to do this on Dual Layer discs, however I've noticed a gulf in prices between Verbatim (who I normally use for single layer and CDR) and other makes I previously had good experiences with (RiDisc for example). Verbatim seem to be about £27 for a pack of 25, whereas other makes seem to be about £18 for 50.

I'm not really wanting to pay the £1+ per disc of Verbatim, unless there is something seriously wrong with the 30/40p discs?

Can anyone recommend me a brand of disc, supplier, e.t.c. for around that price, that will do the job (I don't mind the *odd* coaster), for use with my Pioneer DVR-216D drive? :)


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scan do some aone dual layer +r discs for about £4 a box and you can use the AVforums free postage from scan offer if you order £20 or more of value before vat. I.e. minimum purchase price is £23 including vat for free delivery.

I believe they are meant to be a good substitute for verbatims for 360 backups. So must be pretty reasonable.

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