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Me Again, Yes i Am a Pain


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firstly id post this thread in the screen forum but that forum gets no where near the attention this does.

righty after my thread over the week ive dived in and got myself a projector, well its ordered but not here. the thing thats been bugging me is the screen.

is there any idiots guides to building the screen etc. i was getting my uncle to do it but im not 100% he will be available when i want it (so impatient) even if he is its nice to be able to tell him exactly what i want. put me in front of a pc and i'll do alot and program alot but DIY dosnt seem to sink in :p

what ive gathered so far i must do.

1) get the PJ and project the image to the wall and gather the appropriate size , measurements that look fine. add and an extra 2 inches for some black boarder. ive allready ordered black Flok tape for this.

2) build a frame of appropriate size according to the measurements i got not for getting the extra 2". does anyone have any idea's of thickness of teh frame etc

should it look like this


3) Get Material, this is the one im stuck on, where to get it, what to get ? also does this come on one big roll or in sections ?

4) Stretch the material over the frame very taught and staple at the back making sure there are no creases etc on the front.


5) Apply The Flok tape and then hang on wall.

6) Most important, Then sit in comfy chair with a beer and watch liverpool on a 6ft screen :clap:

thanks for bearing with me and any help for me would be greatfull


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There's a link in the FAQ to instructions for making a homemade screen.

The material you want is Blackout lining from your local curtain shop - it's kind of off-white, has a fabric side and a kind of a rubbery side, is usually 60" wide, you need the same width as your screen + about another 12" to allow for wrapping it around the frame.

Use the earch button - there's loads of stiff about home made screens littered all over the place, or Google - lots to find.

If you want to use proper screen material, it can be bought from Harkness Hall or DRH - Google is your friend again.

Sean G.


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I actually have some screen material from http://www.b-adeals.com/ProductScreenWhiteFire.HTM for sale, it is an unused 66" x 110" sheet of flame retardent 1.3 gain screen material, i diddnt use it cause i built a goo screen, have not even taken it out of the packaging for more than to look at the consistancy was bought for $83.74 (about £45) incl shipping, will sell it on for £30. Its over in the classifieds


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cheers for the offer i'll have a look round about the net see what i can find first (need the PJ firstly).

theritz : cheers for that i'll go to the curtain shop by town tomorrow afternoon and price things up. i have a vague idea of what screen size i will be using. lots of A4 stuck together really helps :laugh:

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