ME-66 mic OK for weddings ?


Paul Swires


Can anyone perhaps give me advice what professional mic to use at weddings other than the sub standard mic that comes with the camera. The ME-66 is within my price range but is anyone out there actually using one at weddings to pick up ambient reception sound and dance music as well as speeches although I might consider running a seperate handheld interview type mic for the speeches into, say input 1 on the PD-150, then have the ME-66 pick up general ambient sound and music from the floor, into input 2 .... then just lay down accordingly in post. Is this a good idea ... will it work effectively and is anyone doing this successfully. Would the ME-66 be effective in picking up good quality sound even though the camera would be moving around panning people dancing etc. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
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