MDA 3 and instability

Monty Burns

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Hi Guys

well, ive had my MDA 3 for a few months now and am pretty much very happy with it. As always though with new "toys" the honeymoon period is over and I'm starting to notice more n more bugs, things like the backlight randomly defaulting to almost off and occasional lock-ups etc.

Now, being in the IT industry I know the first step to solving an issue(s) is to patch up to the latest drivers/OS fixes etc. With this in mind and the specs below, can I? Should I? Would I even want to?

Windows mobile 2003 Second Edition Version 4.21.1088 (build 14132)

Rom 1.06.00 ENG
Date 08/05/04
Radio 1.00.00
Protocol 1337.30
ExtRom 1.06.17 WWE

Hardware (maybe this is standard to all ?DA3/II?)
Intel PXA263
400 Mhz
Ram 128
Flash 32
Flash chip 28f128k3

Device Info
Platform PocketPC
Model No. PH20B
Imei mylittlesecretthankyouverymuch:)

What ya think guys? If so, any hints as to what I'm looking for and where I would get it? Newsgroups? Telnet servers?

Not sure if this makes a diference but, it was originaly T-Mobile UK, now its unlocked and on Pay-As-You-Go T-Mobile Germany.

Many thanks in advance!

Monty Burns

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mmmmmmmmmmmmm and i am/was going to get one of these...............
anyone had problem i liked my friends and was looking forward to getting one before xmas


They are generally OK, but still a PDA first/phone second.

Let's just say You have to put quite a bit of effort into ownership, it's not just like using your usual Nokia/Sony Ericsson...

I wouldn't recommend ownership to anyone who isn't pretty clued up about tech stuff, but if you are and want "the ultimate" (Currently) multifunction device. (cue the comments from other phone users, but nothing else can do all the same functions) i'd recommend one.

Monty Burns

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Agreed with Uridium.

They are excellent phones and tbh i think most my problems are probably Tom Tom related. I'm currently using version 5 (original) a lot navigating my way around a strange country and v5 (original - without the patch) is notoriously buggy as hell!

I still would not swap this phone for anyother, including its new replacement! :thumbsup:

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