McIntosh Tube Amp - ANTIQUE


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Hey y'all, second post here...

I found an OOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDD McIntosh tube amp in my grandpas garage following his passing. Well it looks like it is in wonderful shape. A little dirty but good overall. Several thoughts,

1. How much is something like that worth? (not that I am going to sell it.)
2. What would be the best way of testing it out?
3. Is there somewhere I could take / send it, to get it looked over before just plugging it in. I would hate to have something stupid torch the antique.
4. Other special considerations?



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Don't just plug it in!!! You could do lots of damage and destroy the Output Transformers. Take it to a good electronics engineer and have it powered up using a Variac. This will bring the volts up slowly so if any caps have gone bad it should keep everything safe.
Good luck!


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Yeah man, no worries I wasn't going to plug it in without getting it looked at first. In fact I have had it for a few years, and haven't fired it up for that very reason. I don't want it to die.... It could be a very cool thing to have set up as a curio in the office. Find a few period speakers, and a good turn table. It could be really neat..


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What it's worth is always an interesting point. Easy solution is to auction it, but describe it well. Supply and demand will result in you always getting what it's worth, assuming that you start with a low opening price.

As for Mc amps, I love em. Heard a number of them over the years and they're impressed me everytime.
Whilst WHF might try to claim otherwise, amp technology hasn't really changed that dramatically over the years, particularly so for valve amps. So I wouldn't be surprised if it could wipe the floor with most "normal" gear.

As already warned, if it's not been used in years, might need some TLC, for one thing the caps might have leaked. For all that, definitely worth getting it sorted.


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McIntosh isnt going to be cheap thats for sure. any model numbers vivible or pictures ?


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Hi Elcid79

How did it go with you recovering the mcintosh tube amp

Would love to hear the story from you, how it sounds after you have it looked at.


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