McIntosh C1100. Vs Audio research Ref 6SE?


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Which tube stereo amp would you buy? A tough choice. I don’t use turntable and already have headphone amp, so c1100 has stuff I don’t need.

both are very good and comparable. Less space with arc ref 6se.

love to hear some thoughts, thanks


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If forced to buy a tube pre-amp, I'd audition McIntosh, Audio Research, plus the Luxman CL-1000, then make a choice.

If compelled to limit my choice of tube preamp to either the Mcintosh C1100 or the Audio Research Ref 6SE, and a total ban on prior auditioning, I would take the McIntosh.

Needless to say, none of these would be suitable as an AV preamplifier/processor (which is where you've asked).

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