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Is there anyway i can do the following:- Right I want to have Xbox360 in the living room linked to the TV and be able to stream video content, photos etc through the xbox to the plasma. Im not that bothered about recording Sky but it could come in handy, slight problem is that sky connection is in the living room. Im really trying to avoid having the PC in the living room as its a bit big.

Obviously Ill need MCE 2005 for the PC with remote and a TV card, any suggestions??



This is a story published today, I'm not sure if it might be of interest regarding your question:


Stream multimedia around your house via Xbox 360 thanks to a new update for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Well, when the console's released anyway

14:14 Anyone planning on snapping up Xbox 360 to take their home one step closer to interactive multimedia heaven might be interested by the news that Microsoft has released an update for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 that, in part, focuses on connectivity between the next-gen console and the operating system.
Sporting the catchy title Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2, the update allows you to connect a Media Center PC to Xbox 360 and stream digital music, videos, photos and standard and high-definition television and movies from Media Center PCs to any television in your home via the next-gen machine. It's all possible thanks to Xbox 360's built-in Media Center Extender technology. Erm, great!

Windows XP Media Center 2005 users can obtain Update Rollup 2 for free via the Windows Update download site this minute. If only we had a Media Center PC, an Xbox 360 and five TVs then we'd be downloading it right now!


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You don't need MCE 2005 as you can use Windows media connect. And you will be able to stream photos and music and video (limited formats) from your PC to the plasma via the 360.


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zAndy1 said:
You don't need MCE 2005 as you can use Windows media connect. And you will be able to stream photos and music and video (limited formats) from your PC to the plasma via the 360.
as far as i am aware you are only capable of streaming music and pictures from a win xp sp2 machine, to stream video i belive u do need mce, but i hope your right


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mmm, you might be right, anyway you can't stream divx so I won't be using it to stream video, I'll keep my modded xbox for that


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someone heres must have mce already, i thought it only played back mpeg1 or 2 or something, lol i don't know, but theres plenty of file converters out there anyway, just means u gotta do a bit of messing about before u can stream, which sort of contradicts the point of streaming to the 360 in the 1st pleace i.e. not having to go on the pc

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MCE can play back divx and other formats as long as you have installed the codecs :)

However I dont think it will be possible to stream divx via the 360 as I very much doubt it will have the required codecs installed.

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There is an FAQ for Windows Media Connect that suggests video streaming is possible, but with the disclaimer "Although Windows Media Connect can share a variety of file types with your DMRs, your DMRs might not be capable of playing every file type that Windows Media Connect supports. For information about what file types your DMR supports, see the documentation for your DMR." Hmmm...

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OK, looks like I'm answering my own question here, it's as I thought, only Media Centre PCs can stream video to a 360.

Xbox Website

For the ultimate home entertainment experience, Xbox 360 also streams music or movies, records television shows, and more from your PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Alternatively, connect to a PC with Windows XP Home if you only want access to your music and photos. Watch what you want, when you want, all in the comfort of your living room.


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I'm wondering whether I wil be able to get a USB external Hard drive to store HiDef video from my PC and plug that into the 360 to watch Hi def on my projector...

Any thoughts on whether this will be possible???


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ive updated my mce to the rollup2 just wondered should i see an extra option to link to the 360?


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This debate is also taking place on the IGN boards.

The people that think only music and pictures can be streamed have quoted Major Nelson who is the director of programming for xbox live. So should definatly know his stuff yet haveing listened to him on radio shows people have asked him questions about the 360 that I knew the answer too and he didn't so he may not know everything about things outside of his area of expertise.

"For the last time -
(yeah right)

XP - stream music and photos
Media Ceter - add video to that mix

Note: XP users will have to download the free Media Connect patch for their PCs that will be available soon.

Hell, Major Nelson actually said he was tired of answering this question.
The responce to this was

These links seem to show that by the end of the year windows xp will be able to stream video as well as music and pictures.

So fingers crossed you won't need MCE

From the first link

"Microsoft today released a beta version of its Windows Media Connect 2 to developers and beta testers. The software, which allows digital media receivers (DMR) to stream music, video, and photos stored on Windows XP-based computers, will support in its second generation a range of new devices, including the upcoming game console Xbox 360.

According to Microsoft, WMC2 connects the Xbox 360 to home PCs as well as online services such as Napster and Yahoo and allows streaming of digital content, including images, music and video. PlaysForSure verified digital media receivers such as those from Roku and D-Link are supported as well, the company said.

WMC2 will be offered as a free update for Windows XP before the end of year, Microsoft told Tom's Hardware Guide. (THG) "

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