MCE showing black in fullscreen


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Hi people, I've done a search and tried a few different things I've come across but can't seem to solve this problem.

MCE works fine in when windowed but when I lmake it fullscreen it just goes black with a slight flicker to the mouse pointer. If I hit the "Windows" key so XP takes focus, I can see MCE in the background running fullscreen perfectly. As soon as I click on MCE again it goes black.

This is a homebuild system from a few bits and pieces I had laying around. Using a Saphire Radeon 9600.

Any ideas?


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Bit of a long shot, but I had a similar problem with my Media Center and it was because my TV would only accept a 50Hz signal. I had set the desktop resolution to 50Hz, but when Media Center goes full screen it forces 60Hz unless you add the EnableRefreshRateChange registry entry (do a search to find out about this). Once I had added the registry entry I no longer got a black screen when starting Media Center. Hope this helps.


change your graphics resolution to a lower resolution - that might help

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As stephenR says, it is probably to do with the refresh rate, but if you are using a custom resolution, you may also need to create a device driver rather than using the plug and play driver, as I found with my HS20.

See this thread, for some more info;



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Well this is strange :/ After doing some more forum searching I came across an Australian MCE forum and found on there something to do with changing my TV output from PAL to NTSC. I did this and all is working fine. But then later on I changed it back to PAL again and it seems to still work. A bit confused about it all but it's working now.

Only thing I get now is a real slight flicker on the TV. I think it's just to do with the fact I'm using S-VHS and a CRT but will do a bit more searching to see if I can improve on that.

Thanks all for your replies :)


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Maybe problem isn't solved :/

MCE just will not display in fullscreen whilst set to PAL. But it will work when set to NTSC. Only problem is I ge a slight screen flicker with NTSC which is a bit offputting.

I've tried the RefreshRateChange reg edit but still no joy. I've tried to get every app I can to hold the refresh rate at either 50 or 75 whilst in PAL but nothing seems to work.


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Wohooo, think I've got it solved once and for all :D

After reading another thread about a different problem, it gave me an idea. I went into the MCE setup section and changed it from TV to Flat Panel and S-Video to DVI/VGA. It seems to have done the trick whatever it does :D

I can now use whatever res and refresh rate I choose, along with using PAL and not NTSC.

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