MCE Remote has just stopped working! Help?


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My MCE has been working a treat - but a week ago the remote stopped working. I have two remotes and have tried them both and changed the batteries. The reciever unit LED lights as if its recieving the signal but does do anything. I have tried several different USB I'm stuck! Help.


Happened to mine a few days back.

Left it overnight with the batteries out, and it was fine again the next day.


Happened to mine. Take the batteries out then short the terminals in the battery compartment with a paperclip (thus discharging any remaining stored charge in the remote). Re-insert batteries and all should be fine.


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Cant be the remote because neither my pronto nor my MS remote to be the reciever?


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Can I resurrect this thread. I have a new Advent DHE 2000 machine. THe remote was working fine but now it will stop functioning after a few minutes and will only start working again after a reboot. unfortunately it then stops again after a short time.

I have tried to find some information on this but with no luck.

The receiver is built in to the front panel of the unit as far as i can tell so no option to disconnect it without opening the case.

I can't really work out if it is a software/driver/conflict problem or if the unit is faulty.

Anyone have any ideas?




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dhe2000: Have you ran windows update?

I had problems after installing MCE rollout 2.

If so try rolling back to before update see if that helps..

alternative, system restore...

How you finding the unit?

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