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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by paulwol, May 6, 2007.

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    My MCE has recently (last day or so) developed an interesting problem. Sky TV will no longer play in MCE, has worked fine for around 1 year then 2 days ago it decided that ..'tuner hardware does not support the TV format for your country or region code'

    it goes on to suggest ensuring that I have the correct region code selected in windows settings - I believe it is, although I can't locate a region code 'switch' in windows MCE and other DvD programs happily play region 2 DVDs.

    As above, everyting has been fine for ages and nothing has been changed by me so am puzzled as to why suddenly this pops up. Sky Tv still works fine outside of MCE as well.

    any help very gratefully received. but please bear in mind that I am a total luddite.

    system is an Elonex Artisan with just a normal Sky tuner (some boggo Thomson thing).


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