MCE, PS2, and Time-delay



O.k. I've moved away to college and i don't have a TV; however, I do have a sony Vaio VGN-AX580G with a built-in tuner and came with MCE standard. I can play my ps2 through MCE (took a while though) and now I come to my problem:MCE uses time-delay when streaming media through the TV-tuner. It assumes that I'm watching TV and it puts a 3 sec or so time-delay on it for recording purposes and things of that nature. However, I need it to be real-time, so any tips on how to change this or any other programs would be very much appreciated ^_^. By the way, I have tried to use Dscaler and VLC media player, so if those are your suggestions please tell me how to use them, because I have no idea. Thanks in advance for all the help!

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