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Hi All,

I have just installed MCE 2005 for the first time and have to say I am loving it so far.
I have managed to get everything working OK but something about the Music section annoys the hell out of me and I wanted to know whether it was just how MCE works or whether I could do something about it.

I have copied all my MP3's to the My Music folder so MCE can pick them up.
I have quite a few folders which contain ripped albums of mine but there are also a few folders that contain various mp3's.
So, when you look at albums, it has created an icon for every various track and it's respective album.
I don't want it to show it like that. I want it to show the albums if they are a full album but show the various tracks simply as a folder called Various, which is what it is called in explorer.
Also, I thought about moving all the various mp3's to another part of my HD and letting MCE only look at the area that contains full albums but I can't work out a way of clearing all the music it has found so I can start again.

One last thing, when I have right clicked on an unknown album, that conatins 1 track, and asked it to delete, it deletes the track but not the actual icon. It leaves it there with nothing in it. How do I get rid of it.?

Sorry for the many questions but I am a complete newbie at this.



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you can make them display as you like by editing the album artist tag to read "various artists". you need to make sure it is the ALBUM ARTIST tag though and not the ARTIST tag. this way it will put all your various stuff into one folder but still display the artist correctly as well.

To delete your currant library just open file explorer and go to

C:\Documents and Settings\******\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

******* is whatever your user/account name is

in this folder you will find a file called CurrentDatabase_219. delete it (or rename it if you are unsure) and your library will disappear and you can tell it to search again to reload a new version

sorry cant help with last question though :rolleyes:


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Fantastic. Thanks mate.

I have one more question. Quite a few of the albums have appeared but it hasn't found any covers for them. Is there any way I can manually add the covers?



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Download a tool called Album Art Fixer. It sorts out the album artist issue and goes and gets album art for you.



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Thanks a million guys. Really appreciate your help.

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