MCE keeps displaying desktop and "glitching"

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by gphillips, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Im having a few problems with media centre and my TV out display. Ive posted before with one of these symptoms but didnt get much, if anybody can help that would be appreicated as always.

    Quite often particularly when browsing the video folders on my media cente (where it shows the "thumbnails") the screen jumps to a "widscreen" format (with borders top and bottom) and the windows task bar displays at the bottom of the screen. When I then use the remote windows makes the "plunk" sound, i.e the invalid request sound. I need to press the green button to bring the application back, and to revert to the correct screen format.

    I get a similar behaviour if Media Centre is set to auto-start. When windows boots media centre then starts with borders top and bottom, and is the wrong ratio. I need to quit MCE and launch it again and all is OK. THis is odd, as if it doesnt auto start, and I just start it manually its ok.

    Anybody seen this before?

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