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MCE in windowed mode. Resize problems.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by wiinter, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. wiinter


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    Short question:
    How can I make MCE remember to stay in windowed mode AND expand to 1280x720?

    Long story:
    I've been searching for 12 hours solid, and I can't seem to find a way to make MCE display, in windowed mode, at 1280x720. As with many people, I have two displays - one of which being a 1280x720 projector - the other an LCD monitor. I found that using MCE in windowed mode is more convenient when wanting to multi-task. In fact, it's awesome when in windowed mode - the video has no problems continuing to play while a user is using the other monitor.

    But, as you may know, a couple problems you will face when running MCE in windowed mode is that you’re locked at the 4:3 ratio, and even if you start the ‘eshell.exe /widescreen’, you still cannot resize the window to 1280x720.

    So, with that, I downloaded a “Window Manager” that will automatically force the MCE window to 1288x728, and sets the x&y positions to negative 4. What this effectively does is place the MCE window with the borders out of sight. I thought I hit the jackpot.. I’d just create a .bat file to run eshell.exe, then, after a short delay, I run the 3rd party app that forces the window size/position. All was well, until I realized that the buttons on the remote: MyVideo, MyMusic, etc.. seemed to make MCE forget that it was in windowed mode (if the buttons were pressed when the app was closed) – and not only does it run fullscreen, but I wouldn’t even know how to make the command also initiate the resizing/positioning. So I’m back to square #1.

    Question is: Do you know how I can hard-code or lock MCE to be in windowed mode, and also give it a window size as well as position? Keep in mind, launching the eShell.exe (from shortcut/startup) seems different than pressing the remote commands… I’m not sure exactly what it does with the IR commands (access a resource, e.g., dll, that has some unmodifiable functions that tells MCE what to do??).

    There doesn’t seem to be any utilities or plugins that will help me with what I want to do – I’m considering downloading the SDK and seeing if I can figure something out, but I really don’t think I’m capable of something like that.

    Let me know if you have any ideas!

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