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I've only advertised one question but I have two...sorry!

Is it possible to get MCE to run in anything other than 1.33 when being run as a window? I usually run it in the corner of my screen while I'm working, and it can get a little annoying.

Also, does anyone know anything good places I can download a decent HD free demo/sample? Something like those computer generated graphics, I've not had a chance to put my new monitor through it's paces yet.



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Hi - are you talking about resizing the window? You can just click and drag the edges.


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No, it's the aspect ratio. It's only 1.33 when ran as a window, but it's widescreen when I run it fullscreen.

I just wanted to know if there was a way to run it in widescreen format when ran as a window.

Sir Ranulph

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You can do it, but it's a command-line option:

Create a desktop shortcut to C:\windows\eHome\ehshell.exe
Edit the shortcut properties and add /widescreen to the command line, i.e:

C:\windows\eHome\ehshell.exe /widescreen

Run the shortcut. Should now be 16:9 in windowed mode.
Unfortunately I think it still runs in 4:3 when you start the front-end via the green button on the remote.

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