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Hi All,

This whole MCE / HD thing is all new to me so hear me out...

I just bought a HD TV and have ordered Virgin V+.

After setting up the TV and watching normal TV, I was rather disappointed. However, downloading about 3GB of HD previews from MS and watching them through the laptop, which has HDMI out, I was amazed. It was truly amazing. I am hooked :smashin:

I also like using MCE (via laptop) for the functionality it offers. Music, PVR, photo's etc etc. Now I know V+ is a recorder as well but I would like to keep everything in one box (to ease the learning on my other half)
This in mind, I want to buy, or build, a media center PC. The latter being the preferred option.

I have a few questions and and asking for some guide lines.
My main requirements are:
Nice small case. Either a cube or the fat micro one.
Obviously, HDMI out
and the kicker, HDMI in.

The last requirement is two fold: I want to be able to record HDMI using MCE and my TV only has one HDMI input. (I know, I could buy a switch box)

Anybody done anything like this?

How does DVI > HDMI fair? Good or a bad compromise?
Any suggestions on another method I could use?

Thanks for the tips...


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