MCE 2005, Will Dvd Library work like Vista?

Max Payne

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Hi All,

I have Media Centre 2005, but having no luck in replicating the following:


Before I lose anymore hair trying to figure it out, can someone say whether its possible or not?

If not, I suppose I will have to upgrade to Vista then, yeah?


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lolz... it can be done. It doesnt look as pretty tho ;)

this is how it is enabled in 2005 >> (from a guide I wrote at AMCC > its actually the same in vista for most part)

Step 1: Enabling the DVD Library In the Start Menu.
There are two ways to do this. Manually(below), or there is a .reg script floating around that apparently does it automatically. Please note that *some* people havent been able to get the library up with that script. I havent posted it here as I dont have a link.

Have a read below - its really easy to do manually.

To get into the registry, go to start>run and type "regedit" in the box. The registry editor will open up :)

These are the relevant reg setting to look at:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\DvdSettings

Look on the right side for the registry value called : ShowGallery

To the right of it, you'll see its value by default is "Play" . All you need to do is double click the ShowGallery value and you'll see a small box come up - which will have the value 'Play' in it. Delete this and Type in "Gallery" over it (without the quotation marks!)

Close the registry editor. Start MCE> If youve done the registry change correctly, you will see My DVDs in the start menu !!!

here's a piccie I capped for you :) You'll notice the covers aren't as big. Rest of the info is the same though


good luck. let me know if you need me to post the rest of the guide up, re-manual metadata allocation etc. theres also apps like MyMovies that will help you organise your movies nicely >> mymovies in mce2005 is particularly good >> give you a better effect than whats pictured above ;)


Max Payne

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Cheers mate, but I did get that far - but much appreciated for taking the time to reply.

Are you aware of whether its possible to get the "dvd library" showing above as it does in Vista or is media centre 2005 only able to show it in this way:

I think I may have to upgrade to Vista then?


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yep, Mymovies is as close as you will get in 2K5. It is also better in that it allows you to use .iso and avis etc.

I myself dont like the large format covers. Over my 4TB I literally have so many folders that the large format display isnt as efficient to look at (in vista) I prefer the folder view instead:

anyway, good luck with that, hope you get it sorted the way you want it! ;)


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