MCE 2005 & Hauppauge Remote


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Ok, I'm a little bit new to MCE but learning gradually so bare with me on this :). NTL are installing digital TV in my bedroom next week (as I can't get any sort of terrestrial signal) and once that's done my setup will be as follows:

NTL set-top box (hopefully Samsung)
Connected to RGB Scart -> S-Video Convertor box
S-Video cable from convertor to Hauppauge HVR1300
PC running MCE 2005

Living Room
Sammy LE32R74DB with Freeview
Xbox 360 as Media Centre Extender over wireless (already working hunky-dory with 100% signal strength :clap: )

Now the Hauppauge card came with a bundled remote and IR blaster. I've edited the irremote.ini to make the remote work perfectly with MCE. From what I've read, the blaster will also work fine with the Samsung NTL box (apart from a repeat number issue which I'm quite happy to put up with). So in terms of the setup in the bedroom, everything is going to be well. Here's the question though...

In the bedroom, if I change a channel within MCE (all being well), the blaster will also change the channel on the NTL box. What happens if I change the channel on MCE Extender (with the official Xbox 360 remote) downstairs though? I'm guessing that because the Hauppauge remote interfaces with the Hauppauge card and not through a USB port, MCE upstairs is not going to be able to change the channel on the NTL box as it has no way of interfacing with the blaster (this is done in the background with Hauppauge's software). Obviously I won't be able to try this until Thursday, but does my reasoning sound correct? If I bought an official MCE remote with blaster, would I be able to achieve my desired result (i.e. selecting a channel downstairs causes MCE upstairs to send a signal over USB to the blaster which then changes the set-top box)? Does this post even make sense?! :rolleyes:

Reason I'm asking now is because I'm deeply impatient and would ideally like the whole lot to work straight away on Thursday... therefore I need to order an offical MCE remote if I'm going to need one.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can understand my babblings!
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