MCE 2005 and Sky + 2 Sound cards?


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Sep 15, 2004
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Okay, so there was me thinking it'd be great to run Sky through my MCE machine. Here are the specs (the only important ones for this post):

Black Gold DVB-T Tuner with an S-Video in (but no line in)
Sound Blaster Live 24Bit 7.1 sound card (with spdif)
Abit VA-20 mobo with onboard sound (no spdif)

Now I use the spdif on the SB to go to my AV amp. However I noticed that the SPDIF out is also the line in on the sound card :( So, if I use SPDIF, I can't have line in on the SB, which I'd need to pump Sky through the MCE and be able to record it. So, my question is....

Can I enable the onboard sound again and use it's line in for the TV but continue to use the SB for output?

This isn't really just for Sky, it would apply to any external set top box.
Can you use a DVB-T card to input a signal from sky?
That's just what someone else said :(

The Black Gold doesn't have a hardware decoder on it, because it doesn't need one :( However, the Black Gold site says you can plug your receiver into it. Doesn't state which OS etc this works under. Is this just another MCE quirk?
I don't think the svideo input on the blackgolds works in MCE.

To use a sky box, you will need an analogue capture card and connect up via svideo or composite
chuckalicious, this is exactly my quandry.

I would like to still "see" sky + and Freeview but it seems that in MCE there is no support for capture.

Was tempted to go for a DVB-S card and try my luck with the dragon cam, but this all seem to be at the mercy of sky changing their codes.

Never easy this................ :mad:
I've just bit the bullet and bought an analogue tuner card, so that I can plug Sky into it.

I've also just been told (AFTER I bought the card) that the video quality takes a huge hit when you run it through MCE. I hope it's not that big, or I'm a dead man!
My mate has the analogue capture card from the PC world Accent Lounge PC, and the picture is pants, compared with say dscaler via a capture card outside of MCE.

Mind you this is over DVI which has loads of green spec all over black when playing dvd's.

Dangerous Dave

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