MCE 05 extended to 360 - no video


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Well, even after setting it all up, the xbox 360 recognises all of the folders but won't play any of it - there's a lot of different file types - divx, mp4 but primarily avi - have installed transcode 360 on the pc but it still won't play any video's at all - using new Elite machine over HDMI - didn't really want to re-encode everything I get before I can watch it as I already have a laptop I can just plug into my plasma as pc input ... any help?



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How are you trying to play the files? 360 wont play most of those. Transcode 360 should handle them all though, but you have to select it in media centre.

Navigate to video file, hit "info" and select transcode. I think that's it if I remember rightly.


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I'm having exactly the same problem....but i cant even get 'info' up, and i cant see an option to transcode anything. Anywhere. Help?


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Ok, sussed that transcode 360 is a seperate program. God I'm thick. I used to think sugar diabetes was a welsh heavyweight. Still not working though, but i'm gonna start a new thread for THOSE problems.

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