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Question MCACC with a 5.0 set up.


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Apologies if you have read this question before, I placed it on the Pioneer SCLX83 thread but got no response – I guess because it’s not a current product.

Anyway, I have just acquired a Pioneer SCLX83 which has MCACC. However, I only have a 5.0 system (front pair, rear pair, centre). No sub.

However, this setup appears to not be accommodated with MCACC.

When I run the “auto” set up, it identifies that I have a sub, which I don’t.

So I have read that I should manually input the speaker setup I have, and then run MCACC. And here I get confused. There is a “Speaker System” menu, but the configurations are all preset, and there is none without a sub. Nevertheless, you have to choose one.

Then there is a “Speaker setting” menu. In here you select large, small and I do have the option to choose “No” to the sub. So I do that.

And then I run MCACC, but it still identifies that I have a sub!

Can anyone please advise?


Long time since I've owned this receiver but, can you set your speakers to 'LARGE' you may then get the option to disable the sub ?


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Thanks. Yes I have set them to LARGE, but when you run MCACC, it still looks for a sub and apparently finds one!

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