mcacc for pioneer vsx921 and q acoustic 2000 5.1


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I used the mcacc to sort out my surround sound, and as far as playing battlefield on the playstation it sounds excelent and mvies are dmn good too, so, so far im impressed.

im using the pioneer vsx921 and q acoustics 2000 5.1 speakers and the sub is connected by rca cable i believe (sorry complete noob) and the sub controls on back of sub are set as recommended by q a manual.

As i said the sound is pretty damn amazing for me as this is my first surround i cant really detect by ear if there any problems.

All ive done is run full mcacc and then changed speakers from large to small so that the sub handles any bass.

When sitting in the "sweet spot" everything sounds good to me, so i probably need not worry, im just wondering if there is anything i can do to make sure that the audio is at its best. Anything i can do to improve bass etc because as i move around the room i dont hear to much bass from other speakers and the bass doesnt seem up to much, but when i sit in My seat its sounds gooood, is this just a good blend from the front speakers, ive heard ppl say your sub is working good if you cant detect your bass over everything else.

So anything i can do to make sure its as good as it could be



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How is your room laid out? Where are these other seating positions? I'm not familiar with your receiver. How many positions did you use during the setup? Are there any alternative positions for the sub?

When fine tuning the sub, try some music with a heavy bass line and crank the sub up. If it's too loud, keep adjusting it until it doesn't dominate the other speakers. Subs should be heard, not seen if you catch my drift. If you can detect where the sub is, it's probably up too high.

In the end though, every AV setup will have a sweet spot, directly opposite the screen and in between the fronts. Don't be afraid to play around with speaker positioning and direction as you can always put things back the way they were. There are plenty of guides on the web for speaker placement.


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The room is laid out pretty well. Sofabed is directly in front of tv and front speakers are practically equal distance away from the tv. Although surround right is alot closer then the left, i was gona mount the rear speakers and it would have been a better position but couldnt drill any further into my wall. I dont have any other place to move the sub.

I only used the mic in one position and the sofa bed is only seating positions. One thing i will do is move the mic closer to ear level. As you say i cant pinpoint the majority of bass to the sub so i dont think its over powering, when i ran the mcacci was told tht sub was to loud so turned it down a touch and reran the test and was fine. I then set my surroumd to small speakers. I did noticed the surround front speakers still have high frequency bass through them and the th lower bass through sub.

Ive been at tht crossover thread and finally get it, so im going to tweak the speaker frequency so tht sub takes more control Of bass.

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